Friday, February 8, 2013

Maxim is HOME!

Maxim is home. Thank you Jesus!!!
On the way to the airport!
Is that her plane?
Soo excited!
Waiting for them... Thomas, Rose, Jordan, Leroy, and Grandma with Ruby in front.
Is that them??
There they are!!
Daddy meeting Max!
Safe in Daddy's arms.
Ruby meeting Max! She was soo excited!
Meeting Grandma!
Max and Rose
Meeting Chipper! (he stayed home with the other 3 boys)
Love this picture!
Ralph and Max!
Love this picture!! Ralph and Ruby are in love with their new brother! Theo and Zhen were like ya whatever... :)
Max and Leroy
Kisses with Grandma - he already knows how to turn and give his other cheek for a kiss. :)
Max and Zhenya! I told Zhen to smile...
Max and I :) 
The 7 long weeks (total) I've spent here caring for his siblings so his mama could bring him home... it all melted away tonight holding him in my arms. He was soo worth it.
He wasn't digging the pictures... sweet boy was soo tired and ready for bed.
As my dear friend so wisely put it, I survived, and now I get the best reward ever.

I still can't even believe he is home. Maxim is home. After 8 long years. He is sleeping in the other room, in the Nance home. Max is home. Welcome home, sweet boy.

Mission Bring Maxim Home: Complete.


  1. I don't even know what to say. God is SOOO good!!!

    Overjoyed w/ tears to see him HOME!!!!

    Mission complete! (Well, after you are home. Then it will be complete for me. :-))

  2. Yay!! We are happy for Maxim. :)
    Did you get home safely?


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