Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A New Beginning (+our day)

He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom to the captives, and release the prisoners from darkness. (Isaiah 61:1)

Today Maxim was set free, and released from the enemy's territory, the darkness of his institution. His heart is starting to heal as he spends time with his mama and starts to learn what a family is.

Today was gotcha day, or as his mama is calling it, "forever in my arms day".

Today was a new beginning for him. He was SET FREE! 
If this family get a penny for everytime I'm sure they'll be asked if Max and Theo are twins... they'll be rich! :) 
In a few days, he will begin life with this crazy awesome family, and though he may not at first, he soon will realize just how much he has been missing out on.



So, I realized last night that I have quite a few items in my suitcase that I brought to mix up when I got desperate. Plus I got a package from friends of ours the other day with stuff to keep the kids entertained, along with some treats for me (THANK YOU sweet M family!). 

I have pulled a few of these things out here and there, but I have a lot left, and I'm NOT taking a lot of it home with me. So today we got busy with it.

First order of business... today was Grandma's birthday. So Jordan and I made a cake. Carrot with cream cheese frosting. Yum!
(Ok, so I heard it was yummy. I was planning to have some after ice cream, but after 2 scoops, I didn't want any more, too much sugar. Seriously? waaaa!!! What's happening to me?? I couldn't drink very much soda the other day before it was too much sugar. I have a sweet tooth, or so I thought. I don't like this!)

Then I raided my craft stash to make cards.
L to R: Ruby's, Leroy's, Rose's, and Jordan's
This was Ruby's. She drew grandma.. Pretty good, I'd say!
Then we played Sorry. I knew they didn't have it so I brought it from home. Ruby got a little crazy. Not sure what she had?? lol So I started taping her.

You don't have to watch all or any of it. But if you want a laugh, watch some of it. 

The last minute, esp the last 15 seconds is the best part IMHO. 

And yes, I am aware, after watching this video that she needed to move one more space. My bad.

Later after everyone got home from school, I sent the older kids outside with some rocket balloons. After some begging on their part, I allowed my camera to be taken outside, with repeated warnings to keep the wrist strap on. It survived, and I have footage they don't know I'm blogging. hehe

After the littles were in bed, we played more Sorry with grandma. Everyone had a little too much sugar, and we laughed and laughed. Great medicine.

See the dude on the left... that's Jordan. He plays a mean game of Sorry. He played for the first time today, and beat me BAD 2 outta 3 times.
And. I'm nesting. Cleaning like crazy. Weird, but true.

I got this way a couple days before Summer and Lyla came home when I was in NY. Last time I was here, I didn't very because Maxim wasn't coming home, and probably because we had kids in the hospital. :P

Today I started going crazy and made an uber long list of things to clean/organize/do in the next few days. I already got a good start on it. If you think of it, say a prayer for the kids. Nah, actually don't. It'll be good for them. hehe

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  1. Thanks for the entertainment this morning! :-)


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