Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Things that make me smile.

♥ A little boy with too high of a fever to go to school, so his older sister dressed him up (yes, after I told her not too).

♥ I was tempted to send Ralph so I could say goodbye to his bus driver (no school tomorrow or Friday - parent teacher conferences)... she surprised me by stopping by today after she had dropped everyone else off. And gave me this. :)
It says "Something to remind you of your great time here in KANSAS - Bus 220 - Francine & Oba"
I plan on getting her a cheesehead or snowman or something and sending it back. :)

♥ Snuggles and kisses with a sick little guy who gets my camera and tells me he wants to take pictures with me. :)

♥ Playing "In-a-Pickle" with the older kids. Basically you have cards and you have to put a card with something on it, on top of something else that it goes in/with. So 'Partridge' would go in "Pear Tree". It got a little weird when these two got put together, and after that, it got a little crazy. ;)

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  1. How sweet of the bus driver. You will definitely have fond memories of your time in Kansas. I hope you will get to meet Maxim before you leave.


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