Friday, February 1, 2013

This 'n' That

Everyone is on the mend, with just a few of us still stay-home-from-school-sick. Thank you for praying!

Tonight, in the course of a half hour, I gave 12 pills/shots/droppers of meds. TWELVE. Craziness. And my total from today is going to be 17 (have to take mine yet tonight). Hey, gotta get a head start on this nursing degree, right?

The other day, Stephanie had a birthday! Not fun to spend it away from her family, but we still did something special for her.
Ruby painted pictures!
Rose did too!
And we made a cake!
Today neither Ralph or Ruby had school, so I got to spend some extra time with them.. and I got my camera out. :)

Gosh, they are soo dang cute! And good thing they are too! ;)

Best buddies!
They were going to the "foo-lah store"??? Thomas (home sick) and I were asking them what they were riding in... they wouldn't tell us. lol
And tonight we were (ok, still are) watching some TV before bed...
Leroy got up to get a blanket, Thomas laid down to steal his spot, and Rose stretched out too. After a bit of a pushing and squeezing, they ended up like this. :)
We tried to keep the little ones up for awhile so they wouldn't be up too early tomorrow. Zhenya didn't last too long, but I didn't mind. :) It was amazing, he was sitting STILL on my lap! hehe
Friday Funnies:
Ok, so you northerners and/or Wisconsinites want a chuckle?? The following are my conversations with Ralph's bus driver. She cracks me up. These people don't know much about cold weather!

Before I left in Dec, I told her I wouldn't be seeing her again. When I came out to get Ralph when I got back, she just laughed and laughed. There I go making a liar outta myself again (not unusual... Chip was teasing me the other night about not being in bed yet and hour after I said I was going too!). Anyways.

Driver: "So where are you from? Minnesota? Wisconsin?"
Me: "Wisconsin."
Driver: "There a lot of dairy farms up there?"
Me: "Yes, my mom actually grew up on one!"

On that note, tonight the food channel was on. They were talking about these beer battered fried cheese curls from Madison, WI. Beer and cheese, why I am not surprised it's from Wisconsin? :P

Another day, it was slightly cold, I went out to get Ralph in a tshirt. I was a little chilly, but I have to walk 20 ft out to the road. The bus driver is wearing a sweater, and says aren't you freezing? Umm no!!

Yesterday, it was snowing, but nothing really sticking the the ground, maybe in the upper 20's, but windy. I was wearing my winter coat.
Driver: Now this is your kinda weather!
Me: Bah, this is nothing. They have off school at home today because they have so much snow!
Bus aide: Oh that would be nice!
Driver: Well, the weather didn't want you to be homesick when you were here!

I can go without the snow and cold just fine without being homesick, thank you very much. :P

G'night y'all! (I'm "down south" now, but I'm told by my FL friends I'm not very good at southern slang! LOL)

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  1. Yes, you really need to try some of those beer battered deep fried cheese curds. They are GOOD!!! :-)

    How sweet about Zhenya sleeping on you. So glad most of you are feeling better!


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