Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sometimes I wonder...

...what I am thinking.

I gave Ralph, Ruby, and Zhen root beer and cookies.

Luckily they went to bed fine so the morning shouldn't be too ugly.

Speaking of getting the kids up for school... Leroy asked me yesterday if they could have the alarm clock in my room and put it in their room. Umm, no. If I don't have it, I don't get up on time. Which means that if Thomas and Chipper failed to wake up with their alarms (not unusual), they wouldn't make it to school on time. Actually, not just them, everyone would miss their buses. Sorry dude, not happening. lol

Thank you to the sweet lady who brought us pizza, soda*, and cookies for dinner tonight!!!

Won't get on my soapbox about the Superbowl, if you wanted to know, I'm sure you could probably guess what my opinion is about it! I did opt outta going with Chipper to the Superbowl youth group thing at church tonight. It would have been my last few hours outta the house for the week, but I felt ready to pass out**, and feeling stupid sitting there for 3 hrs with a bunch of teenage boys when I barely know a thing about football... it just wasn't worth it. hehe

On another note, I have less than a week left here. I'm leaving Saturday. Thursday and Friday are parent teacher conferences, so no school for anyone. Not really looking forward to that, but it is what it is.

Mama and Maxim should be coming home Friday, PLEASE pray this works out. Not only do I want to meet Mr. Max after all this, but I don't feel right about leaving when Mama isn't home or on her way home for sure.

Wow, I made a whole post with a face.... smiley, stick-out-my-tongue, or sad! So proud of myself. You may notice that doesn't happen often blogging about my time here!

Thank you for your prayers. G'night peoples.

*err pop as they call it here
**side effect of those stupid antibiotics I'm still on, at least it's helping for what it's supposed to be helping for. Not sure it's worth it with the headache, nausea/upset stomach, and dizziness/shortness of breath/faintness.

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