Thursday, February 21, 2013

the seconds add up.

The seconds tick by. Never stopping. No matter what is happening the world, they always keep going.

A second may not seem like a lot of time, but they add up.
Every 60 moments they turn into a minute. Every 60 minutes, they turn into an hour.

And hours turn into days, days turn into months. The months, they turn into years.

A year is a long time when everyday is the same. Nothing ever changes, besides time. Always ticking, always continuing.

Years of the same. Maybe things change from year to year, because you are growing up and you can't stay in the room for babies anymore. The ones who care (or not) for you will change from time to time. Your friends, or roommates will change as you watch some get adopted and others take their place.

Then you wonder. When will my turn come? Why can't I be one of the lucky ones? Because nobody cares about me, and no one loves me, that's why. I'm not good enough to have a family. I'm worthless.

204984 thousand seconds. That's about how many seconds.
Those seconds ticked by into 3416+ thousand minutes. That's how many minutes.
Those minutes ticked by into 56940 hours. That's how many hours.
Those hours ticked by into 2372 days. That's how many days.

How many that you've been alone, without knowing what a family is.

2372 times you cried yourself to sleep, wondering what you've done to deserve this.
2372 days have dragged by, and not once have you gotten a hug from your mama.
2372 nights after work, daddy wasn't there to "wrestle" and play around with you.

And as if that's not bad enough, and life hasn't already thrown such a bad lot your way, you get sick. Terribly sick. Not just a cold, or a few day stay in the hospital, but months on end of treatment, with no promise you'll get better, or even survive.

And you don't even have a mama to get you whatever you need, or people who love you to constantly be by your side.

And then you find out that you have a chance to be adopted, to be one of the lucky ones! You are so excited, and you hope your mama and daddy will come to help you get better!

But then you find out that you've had this opportunity for years. And in all those years, in all those seconds, NO ONE has seen your picture and said that you need a family and we'll be that family.

No one wants you.

Some families have said yes, until something happens, or they find out more. And then they back out.

And you again find yourself saying: I'm worthless. I've lost all hope for a family, because no one wants me. I'm too old. Not cute enough. Not in the right country. Worthless, because no one wants me.

And the seconds keep on ticking, adding up into another year that you spend alone.

This is reality for Mark.
Please be his voice. Be his family.

Help him know it's not too late. That he is worthy. That he is wanted.

Pray for him. No child should have to fight leukemia, let alone without a family.
And spread the word. The more see his face and hear his story, the sooner his family will find him.

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