Sunday, February 10, 2013

This adventure is over.

I'll admit, I went to check on Maxim several times before I went to bed Friday night... just because I still could not believe he was there sleeping in his crib! 

After a few hours sleep, I was up again with a heavy heart knowing that in a couple hours, I would have to say my goodbyes.

Good morning, Mr. Max!

Good morning Ralphie and Ruby Jean!

Last snuggles with Maxim... minutes before goodbyes. :(
Then I had to say goodbye. I knew it would be tough. I did held it together until I got to Chipper and Stephanie, and again with James later at the airport. I blame them for getting emotional on me. ;) Then I cried most of the first flight. At least I wasn't sitting next to anyone!

You can't spend 7 weeks pouring yourself into a family, living with them, getting to know them, laughing with them, crying with them, caring for them, loving on them... and then leave without leaving a huge piece of your heart there.

I have been gone a day and a half. And they are constantly on my mind. I miss them so much it hurts. It just plain old stinks having your heart where you can't be!

But I'm back with my family, and it feels soo good to be home. My chunky monkey, Jonathan, wasn't scared of me like he was the last two times I've come home!
He was slightly wound up and wouldn't stop smiling at me. :) Melted my heart. Rachel, my 3 yo sister said "Sarah, I soo happy you are home!!" and tonight during devotions when we were going around praying she said "Please help Sarah feel better!". Love that sweet girl!

After sleeping a solid 10-11 hours last night, I came home from church and took a 3.5 hr nap this afternoon. ;) Still dealing with sickness, mainly severe headaches, but it's much easier to rest and get better without having to worry about anything or anyone. Stephanie did say that if I needed counseling or something for PTSD, they would take care of it. LOL

It's over. I'm home. Stephanie and Maxim are home. The Nance family is all together again. There is one less orphan, and one little boy whose not all alone in an institution tonight. Mission complete.

This adventure is over. Signing off on the chapter about this journey, and going to go sleep and miss my Kansas family some more. Goodnight!


  1. Ok, we'll send them the bill for your PTSD counseling! LOL

  2. Well, Sarah, maybe this adventure is over, but I have a feeling you have more in your future. :) Take some time to re-coop before the next one. You are an amazing young lady. Congratulations on holding Maxim's new family together for him to come home to.

  3. I could of written this in the past. haha! Have fun SLEEPING.

  4. Also, I understand how weird it is investing yourself so intensely in a family and then just leave. It's so odd. I knew my kids inside and out, got up in the middle of the night when the baby cried, could recognize which child was awake by their breathing etc and then to just leave? Not easy. Hugs! and if you ever need to talk I'm just an email away.


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