Saturday, March 30, 2013

6 years

Six years ago today, a child was born.

But because he wasn't "perfect", or the "ideal child", he was abandoned and sent to an orphanage.
Where he became available for adoption, and he grew.
And grew, without a family.
And grew some more, still without a family.
And today he turns 6 years old.

An age where families become less interested in him, because he is moved up to the category for older kids.

He is older, but still like a little boy in so many ways.

Please make this his last birthday without his family. ♥

Boy, Born March 30, 2007
From a missionary who visited with him in May 2010:  “ Jimmy is a delightful three year old with Down Syndrome.  He is decribed as being quiet and playful.  Jimmy doesn’t walk by himself yet, but he can get anywhere he needs by holding onto furniture and walls.  He only says a few words, but understands so much more. Jimmy has a close relationship with his foster father.  When foster dad hugs him and raises him up, he laughs happily.  Jimmy also loves the outdoors.  When foster mom takes him to pick up his older foster brother from school, he raises his head in his stroller, looks at the sky, and laughs heartily.  He is curious about everything. ”
Update in July 2011:  Jimmy, now four years old, has been on the shared list for a long time … At the time his file was submitted, he didn’t even walk yet! Now he runs. When the file was prepared, he didn’t speak at all. He’s still a man of few words, but he does call those in his foster family by name …  If his family doesn’t find him soon, they may move him out of his foster home to make room for another child who they feel may have a better chance at a family.”
More photos available, along with full medical records.   Single moms permitted, no more than 6 children at home, only one parent has to travel.
$4132.50 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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