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Looking Back Part 14: Max

This is Part 14 of the Looking Back series, previous parts are Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, and Part 13.

So I want to tell you a little more about Max before I finish up this series.
Victor and Max
Max is a native to Ukraine, and grew up in a broken home. When he was young her met an orphan girl, and He realized that what everyone had always told him was true, she wasn't any different then him, except she didn't have a family. So his ministry, True Hope Ukraine started, and it has grown and grown. Here is a video I made about him before he came to our church the first time to introduce him:

Max has an absolutely remarkable anointing of the Holy Spirit. It's a.m.a.z.i.n.g. (Yes, I know, like everything else on this trip, but this trip was truly amazing! ;)) I don't remember where we were or where coming back from, but we didn't have a bus and a driver like we did to go out to the institution, and we needed to get back to the apartment. A city bus came along, but it was WAY over-packed already and there was no way 15 more of us would be able to squeeze on. We considered a taxi, and Max was about to call one, when we noticed two guys sitting on a bench with an empty bus parked on the street in front of them.

Max walks over and started talking to them. One of the guys is the bus driver, so Max asked him if we could rent his bus and have him take us back. He can't make those decisions because this is one of the buses that is a city bus and on a schedule, BUT, the main bus manager guy is sitting right next to him on the bench!! He says sure that's fine, so we had the whole bus all to our selves, and we paid 2 grivna less than we would have if we crowded on to a packed city bus! If you've ever been in Ukraine, you know how amazing that is! :)

Max is absolutely hilarious, and here are a few funny stories he told when he was here in the States this past time, that I have to share. I guess you kinda have to hear Max say it for it to have it's full effect, but hopefully you get a kick out of them! :)

- Shortly after he arrived back in the states, Max went to Wal-m*rt. This lady greets him at the door and says "Hi, how are you today?" He says back to her, "Well, I'm a little jet-lagged still and very tired..." And he goes on to tell her all about his flight and starts to tell her about his ministry when he sees the annoyed look on her face. Then he says, "In my country, when you say 'How are you?', you really mean it!"

- On a flight in northern Canada, Max was sitting next to a lady who was dressed like a prostitute. He had told her a little about his ministry when they first said hi to each other, and then out of the blue Max says "You aren't from around here are you? You are dressed different from everyone else." She says thank you, and the next words out Max's mouth were " You know, I also minister to prostitutes." LOL no joke! Max said it's sounds really rude now, but he didn't think of it being rude when he said it. You would think she would have slapped him or something, but instead she puts down her book, and says "Tell me more!". By the end of the flight she accepted Christ as her savior, and Max has been in contact with her since! Gotta love Max! :)

I have many more Max stories and you could talk to him all day and not get bored, but they don't have the same effect when I tell them, and I can only make a post so long.

Here is Max's new ministry video:

And here is the link for his website - TRUE HOPE UKRAINE

Max is an amazing man of God, and I hope you all will have the chance to meet him someday!

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  1. You have such an exciting life, Sarah, getting to be on the frontlines & seeing first hand what God is doing in different parts of the world! Thank you for sharing & letting us in on what you experience :)


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