Monday, July 9, 2012

Looking Back Part 5: Hanging Out and Food

This is Part 5 of the Looking Back series, previous parts are Part 1Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

I know I should have had this post up the other day, but I've been busy, and I wanted to leave Sergey's post at the top for awhile.

Two years ago last Friday, was Tuesday the 6th, and two years ago today was Friday the 9th. I was never "healthy" while I was in Ukraine, starting with the trip over, and a day didn't go by without an upset stomach at some point. I'm sure the conditions of the institution and the very oily food didn't help. On these two days, I stayed home from the institution and hung out at the apartment with a couple others including 9 yo (at the time) Josiah, and one of the days his little sister Olivia. Here a few pictures from those days.
Walking back to the apartment after breakfast...
This view was really cool for me to see. Before our trip I had looked on several sites including Max's for pictures of what the city would be like. I found one of this exact view that I believe we used before our trip to show during a presentation at church. There were several other pictures, esp of people that it was fun to actually meet and see the people in the those pictures!
Feeding stray ducks!
Veggie Market
Milk anyone?? This guy and his wife(??) were here with their milk in the morning, and usually when we came back from supper after a long hot day. Which means the milk sat out all day in the 90 degree weather. Needless to say I stayed away from drinking any milk during the trip!
Back in the apartment with Olivia
She was just about walking!
Olivia was (is?) only a little bit older than our little Rachel at home. They were both about the same place developmentally, and I think spending time with her is really what chased away any homesickness I had.
Josiah and Olivia are the two kids of J Brian and Renae who led the trip.
At the end of the day waiting for supper - Brooke, Megan, and I
Alice tried to move the table out, and after her adventure with the blinds, we all accused her of breaking the table too. :) Turns out that the board on top slides out, and flips open to make a big table if that makes sense. 
Oh the food! It was sooo sooo good! (But did I mention oily??) Not only was it delicious, it was beautifully presented. We had 3 cooks who got up at the crack of dawn to start cooking, and were there until usually 9 at night cleaning up. We ate in a shelter/veranda thing to the back of Pastor Gregory's courtyard, and they cooked in a kitchen that was back there too. Here are a few of the many pictures I took of the food!

Sorry, it's too late for me to bother to fix this one.. :P
Our 3 UH-mazing cooks - Katya, Zheyna, and Natasha
Oh, and J Brian, the amazing eater behind them! ;)
That's it for this post... Thanks for reading!

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