Monday, July 30, 2012

NDSC - Saturday and Sunday

My last two days in DC! :( The main part of the conference was all day Saturday and Sunday morning. I didn't attend any sessions, but had fun hanging out at the RR table with everyone. You may think that's a bit crazy to go all the way to DC for a convention and not go to any sessions, but you would understand how awesome it is just to hang out if you had been there! :)

Saturaday morning, after dropping the girls of at Kid's Camp, Brian, Braden and I went to see some more museums. Our first stop was.... - the International Spy Museum. But there wasn't photography allowed. It was really cool though, the history of spying.  Of course there was a lot about the Cold War, WW1 and WW2, but there was also about the Civil War. You wouldn't think about spies in the Civil War, but there were!
Then we were here - the Archives. And no photography there either. :P Seeing the Declaration and Constitution was really neat!
Then we went to the American History Smithonian Museum. I took quite a few pictures, but the only ones of interest are this sewing machine from 1917....
....and Braden and I by the Ruby Red Slippers! The ones I got of the original Kermit the Frog puppet didn't turn out that  well.
Back at the conference.. hanging out at the table - Charlotte Dirkes!
Dusty Hinz attacking Molly....
....with kisses. Molly was in heaven if you can't tell. :)
Molly and Sonya Hinz
Zoya B
Back at the hotel room, saying goodbye to Lococo's  -  Lilya was glad someone was finally willing to help her flip!
Elizabeth and Dax
Caleb and Lilya
Ruby wanted to do flips too, so she got Mrs. Lococo to do it with her. :)
Mr. Lococo and Julia, who is from Ukraine. :)
Ruby's reaction when Caleb told her that they had to say goodbye because he was going to go back to his house, and she was going to go back to hers. :(
All was soon right in her world again... She loves Caleb and Josh!

And Elizabeth too!

Early Sunday Morning - Me, Molly, and Elizabeth right before Molly left
Saying one last goodbye to Lococo's
Lilya and I, Caleb and Ru, Braden, Elizabeth, and Josh
Back down at the table again - Dusty and Sonya
Andrea and Michelle - The 2 main leaders of Reece's Rainbow
Right before our flight left Daxy had several diaper explosions (he would not stop!) and he ran out of outfits.... so we resorted to Ruby's spare outfit... going from 3 mo to 4T was quite a jump in sizes! It doesn't look to bad here, but trust me, it was pretty huge! ;)
The flight was uneventful, and this was looking out the window to the parking garage on the way back to the van. I took this one for Rachel, because it says 'Yellow 3G'. Lilly is in region "3G", and her color is yellow. It was perfect!
Lilly - she still needs a family!!! :(
And I finished my trip with a photoshoot of Dax in the van on the way home....

Blurry, but adorable!

Love this beautiful baby!

He crashed... still just as beautiful when he's asleep!
What a perfect ending to a perfect week with many perfect people!! NDSC was uh-mazing and I hope I can go back someday!

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  1. Another really great post, Sarah! You and Caleb have very nicely captured the joy and fun of the NDSC weekend. It was great to spend time with you and the "Z" Family :)
    Patty Lococo


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