Sunday, July 22, 2012

Growing Up!

 Recently I saw a new picture of "my" sweet Rebekah! She looks so grown up!

Here are some older pictures of her:
March 2011
June 2011
October 2011
It makes me so sad she is growing up without a family to love her. And check out her haircut:
Little girls should have haircuts that look like that when they decided to cut their own hair, not because no one cares enough to make it look decent! And when she turned 2 in January, she should have had a party celebrating her second year of life. Instead no one wished her happy birthday, she didn't learn how to blow out candles, and she didn't even know what a special day it was!

Please don't let her spend another year waiting for a family! When she grows up more, more time will be lost that could have been spent with her family.


Here are some other kiddos that have new pictures! So sad they are growing up without families too!
Owen's old picture
Wednesday's old picture
Timofey's old picture

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