Friday, July 27, 2012

NDSC - Thursday

(A week ago) Thursday was the big day! The RR reunion dinner! But first we did a little sightseeing...
Zoya and Mila B - We met them getting off the elevator and of course had to stop and say hi. :)
After walking around the day before, we did a "open top" bus tour on Thursday
Brian with Ruby and Lilya, and Braden in front
I stood up to take a picture and the speaker comes on and says to remain seated at all times... so here's Michelle signing "SIT" at me. ;)
LOVE this picture!
Michelle, Dax, and I - Daxy loved the Ergo!
Love this girl! She's so photogenic!
We got a tour of all the embassies - I definitely appreciate them all more now that  I know what they're for and we had to use the American one in Ukraine. :) We didn't see the Ukrainian one though...
We did see this awesome Ukrainian colors/Ds Awareness colors house though!
I thought this building was pretty awesome too... it's only as wide as that end, but it probably is a triangular shape. If I remember right, this was in Georgetown.
On the bus we rode... this was when we switched buses.
We saw a sign for "Wisconsin Style Barber" or something like that and we wondering why we, being from Wisconsin, didn't know we had our own hair style! It made a little more sense when we saw what road we were on. :)
Abraham Lincoln Memorial

Braden's squinty face.. :)
Better view from the bus than yesterday!
I am absolutely in love with this picture! So mad at myself for not entering a architectural entry for Photography at the Country Fair this year!
Ford's Theater, where William Booth shot Lincoln
On the subway on the way back to the hotel...

LOL She was soo done with pictures.. love her sassy spunk!
It was HOT, so we headed to the pool, along with everyone else. I got to swim with Bellie Bug (absolutely adore her!!), so of course I didn't take any pictures besides this one of Summer and Bellie.
Caleb and Reece (of Reece's Rainbow!) reuniting!
At dinner! Lilya and I
Braden and Owen Roberts, Reece's brother
Charlotte and Kelly Dirkes!
Elizabeth Lococo and Sonya Hinz!
Bellie and I! - I got lucky enough to be the one to hold her and feed her the whole time... boy, does she love her mashed potatoes, and boy, do I love her!! ♥
Back at the hotel - Michelle and her friend Chrystal with their babies, Dax and Dez. Which baby belongs to which mama? Hmm... ;) Dax (left) is 6 mo, and Dez (right) is 3 mo old, and Dez is bigger. Michelle was in love with his hair. :)
Caleb in his toga/poncho!! hehe
After swimming, we all went back to one of Lococo's room's to chat/hang out, and after awhile it was just Elizabeth, Caleb, Josh, me, and Nick (Bellie's Big Brother) left... and this would be Nick with his cheese nips. Glowing cheese nips.. I forget what they were called. Ahem. There might be a reason I cropped the clock out of this picture. :P
And thus concludes my recap of another amazing day in our nation's capital which was full of special people rockin' that extra chromosome. ♥


  1. Boy does Bellie LOVE YOU!!! I have to be honest the last picture frightens me a bit. :)

    Miss YOU!!!!!!!

  2. Dax needs to grow some hair! and Ruby is really so photogenic!!! Looks like lots of great sight seeing!

  3. I think around 1 AM they were called "Cheeze Nips of GOD!" haha. The best part was Michelle raving about Dez's hair and Chrystal raving about Dax's soft hands. Chrystal: My baby has construction worker hands! He has callouses!

  4. The WI barber comment cracked me up. Who knew we had our hairstyle!? :)

    I'm so glad you came with us! We miss you :)


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