Wednesday, July 25, 2012

NDSC - Tuesday and Wednesday

Before I start, I just gotta add that I did go through and edit all my pictures, inspired by these two...
Caleb and Molly
I'm not the best photographer, or the best picture editor, but I had to add this in here for their sake. :)


We flew out one week ago yesterday (Tuesday). The flight was uneventful, yes, even flying with kids. :) I just gotta say, this being my second trip flying, I still LOVE to fly! And it much more fun to fly with kids... :)
Dax, Ruby, and Lilya at the Milwaukee airport. We drove down to Milwaukee, and had a straight flight to DC.
Love this baby!!!
Crazy kid!
They had this awesome playroom by the gates... it worked really well because otherwise we would have spent an hour or two trying to keep the girls entertained by the gate!
On the metro on the way to the airport - Brian and Lilya
Braden on the metro
When we finally got to our hotel after riding the metro around for what seemed like forever, we unpacked a little bit, and I realized I should probably turn my phone on. I had two messages and an incoming call from Caleb Lococo... he wanted to know where we were, and turns they were two doors down from us!! So we all piled out into the hall for big reunion. After a run in with the cranky lady in the room between us (it's 7:30 at night, c'mon!) we moved the reunion inside. 

Later most of us went swimming, since the girls had been asking for it all day, and it wasn't that late for us since DC is an hour ahead (behind? It's confusing!). Of course I didn't get any pictures since I was in the pool, but we had a blast. Caleb's younger sister Elizabeth is a year or two older than me, and we got along really well all week. Caleb said we were twins separated at birth. :)

Wednesday we did a lot of sight seeing... Unfortunately, it was well over 100 degrees, so after awhile museums w/ AC were the way to go.
The Washington Monument - love Ruby's pose here!
Me and the White House
In the bathroom at the National Aquarium - you had to pay to get in, and baby needed to eat, so we opted to sit in the bathroom (which conveniently had a chair), while Brian, Braden, and Ruby went in. Lilya needed no entertainment when she saw the full body mirrors. :)
Next up - a Smithsonian - Natural History
Braden the explorer checking his map, with his trusty companion, Ruby
Had to take a picture of this... everyone's (esp adoptive families) favorite place!! ;)
Rode lots of these!
Love how this picture turned out! Caleb and Molly went outside to see if the pool was open because of the rain, and we waited inside for the verdict. This is watching them come in the door. :) The answer was no BTW.
Michelle and I had spotted Spitz's in the lobby earlier, and went over to say hi, and we were invited over to Spitz's room later were everyone was hanging out!
Left to right (L stands for Lococo): Summer Spitz with Gavin who wasn't feeling well, Caleb's legs,
Adissu L (from Ethiopia), Julia L (from Ukraine), Gabby L (from Guatemala), and in back on the chair Liz (Elizabeth) L holding Bellie Spitz 
Mila B... I posted about her here and here - she came home weighing 7 pounds at 7 mo, and now after surgery and 8 mo later, she is a 23 pound chunky baby!
Sara Grace and Owen Spitz - I LOVE these two! And the rest of their family too!
What Caleb says is so true - "Online we are good friends, when we meet in person, we are family." Err.. something along those lines, I can't find his exact quote at the moment. :)


  1. Mila Hoooooope!

    I miss you girl. It was SO awesome to meet you!

  2. Looks like you guys had a blast!! Loke the bathroom mirror picture!

  3. Great Post Sarah! It captures all of the happy memories so well ;) I'll be sending Liz and Josh your e-mail so you guys can reconnect right after I finish typing this comment ;)

    BTW, you ARE a good photographer. A photographer knows when and where to be to capture beautiful moments and/or places, which you did ;)

  4. Sarah,

    It was such a pleasure to meet you. I've enjoyed your posts about NDSC. Thank you for all you do for those who can not speak for themselves. You are a very special young lady.
    Patty Lococo


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