Tuesday, July 24, 2012

National Down Syndrome Convention

For those of you who don't know, or haven't figured it out from seeing me in other's pictures, this past week was a very exciting week for me! I had my sweet friend Rachel publishing posts for me here, but I actually was gone in Washington DC!

I went with Michelle Zoromski and her family as an extra pair of hands and babysitter, because this past weekend was the National Down Syndrome Convention (or NDSC)! There were lots of adopted RR babies there, and I got lots of snuggling done. :)

I got to hang out with lots of cool kiddos this week, here are a few of them! :)
Sonya (aka Sonka) Hinz!
Bellie Spitz!
Lilya Zoromski!
*Photo credit*
Caleb Lococo with Reece Roberts (Reece of Reece's Rainbow!) and me with Aaron Nalle
I'll post more pictures soon, I promise! I'm still working on recovering from lack of sleep and a virus of some sort I picked up from one of the babies. Can't wait to tell you more about this amazing trip!

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