Tuesday, July 31, 2012


He has been waiting sooo long.

Sooo many people fell in love with him and his smile.
Sooo many people, including me, have longes and prayed for him to find a family that will love him.

And now, he has that family he desperately needs!!!
And we are PRAISING GOD!


Because he will soon be coming HOME!

And once his mommy and daddy meet him, and from then on, he will be LOVED unconditionally.
Because someone has finally said "YES, I will love you and take care of you, because you are special, and you are perfect! I will look past you age, and and all your "scary" diagnosis's, and love you and help you blossom into to the boy you are meant to be!"
And be because someone has finally said that, today we are thankful, and we are rejoicing for what God has done and is doing in this little boys life.

His name means "the greastest", and he will truly be one of the greastest gifts his family was ever given!

Maxim, soon you will know what a family is, and it will be wonderful, I promise!

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