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Looking Back Part 7: The Beach

This is Part 7 of the Looking Back series, previous parts are Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5, and Part 6.

As I mentioned in the post about Sergey, we took some residents from the institution to the beach (err... a slimy, muddy river) on several different days. Two years ago yesterday, was a Monday and our last day going to the beach. I've combined pictures from several days, to do this post, so these pictures are not just from two years ago yesterday (hence why there are soo many). There is another post about the beach still coming.
We got to drive by these gorgeous sunflower fields everyday
See the Ukainian flag is blue at the top and yellow at the bottom? Ok, I've been corrected, the yellow is for the wheat, not the sunflowers. :P
Being "sick" definitely had its benefits some days... it's such a smoother ride in the front seat!
We had to walk over this long rickety bridge to get from the bus to the beach and back. Once you have 20 people on it, it was swaying pretty good!!

Why yes, this would be the river we they swam in.
It looks much prettier here, but trust me, it wasn't!
Ducks (or whatever they are) were EVERYWHERE! They are all the little fuzz balls you see in the grass. :)
Natasha - she wasn't so sure about going in the watter.
But we talked her into at least getting a suit on. :)
(Speaking of which, PLEASE keep an eye out at your local thift stores for CHEAP swimsuits! Max is always in need of more for these types of outings to the beach.)
Playing in the water - Sergey is the one a couple inches into the water bending over.

Sasha :)

Many, many of the residents had NEVER been in the water. EVER. Esp the bedridden ones, but we were able to take quite a few in. :)
Some fishermen or someone caught this HUGE ugly fish! It was easily 4 or 5 feet long, and it was the most ugliest fish I had ever seen. It was almost like an eel with hardly any fins, but it was still fish. And yes, they were swimming in the same water this came from. Yuck!

Turkish Toilet! One of the Yulias (who is Ukrainian) told me I was a true Ukrainian girl for using it instead of going behind the bushes like she did! LOL

Ice cream! A special treat for everyone!
Showing their muscles! They loved it when we showed them the pictures of themselves!

Ok, so maybe I missed one of the guys with Down syndrome in this post. That is Sergey on the left though behind them in the yellow hat.
Vala - I loved this sweet babushka! :) I was talking to her one day through one of the translators, and it just happened to be me she told that she needed a new pair of slippers for winter. Ok, then, I'll make you one tonight and bring you them tomorrow! :) So that's what I did having brought yarn along to crochet slippers.
My dream is to someday teach a couple of the residents (maybe in the cage) to crochet since they have nothing to do all day long, and then with supplies they'll be able to make slippers for everyone at the institution for winter.

Me and Sasha ♥
J Brian and a resident
Olivia, Renae, and Sasha, with Victor standing in front of them
And of course, everyone's favorite person is Max! :)
Before we left, Dad had asked our dentist if he would be willing to donate some toothbrushes for us to bring.  He went above and beyond what ask

Group pictures!
This day we had residents from a different institution and a Dutch team there with us. I purposely left out alot of pictures from this day as there were a lot more women at the the other institution (in swimsuits that didn't fit well), and the Dutchies swimwear wasn't exactly modest. ;)
My favorite picture of Olivia
Sorry it's sideways, but this was the door to our apartment. We were on the 7th story.
Like I said, there will probably be one more post with beach pictures, but that's the end of of this very picture heavy post. :) Thanks for reading!!

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