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Faithful Friday - The Spitz Family

Awhile back I post about a sweet little girl named Bellie for 'Mazing Monday, and another sweet girl named Charlie for Faithful Friday because the same family that adopted Bellie was going back for Charlie. That amazing family is the Spitz family!! I also posted their story yesterday for Waiting Wednesday for another little girl. Confused yet? Read my post yesterday and hopefully you won't be anymore. :) Except for one thing - I said in that post that the Spitz were going back for Gavin, when I did a Faithful Friday for Charlie. I'll explain below. :) Meet the Spitz family!!!
Summer and Dave
Their 6 beautiful children
 When they decided to go back, they committed to Charlie -

But then they found out she was being adopted by another family. Not giving up God's calling of adopting again, they committed to handsome Gavin!

From their FSP profile - 

MICHAEL for the Spitz family — Jamestown, NY

The Spitz family would have never believed if you had told them 5 years ago that they would be working on their 4th adoption in 2011.  They had already been blessed with Taylor (now 17), Conor (now 16) and Nicholas (now 13).  But in 2007 when they were placed with a beautiful blond hair foster son their view on adoption changed quickly.  Then in 2008 they were placed with a foster daughter, a sweet tiny little girl who proved instantly she too would be a part of their forever family.  The Spitz family was beyond BLESSED to adopt Owen (3 yrs) and Sara (2 yrs) in 2010.  In February 2010 Summer read an article about Reece’s Rainbow in People magazine.  She was so drawn to the article that she got right on the RR website!  After just a few moments on the RR site it was apparent to her that she needed to talk to the rest of her family about adopting a sweet child blessed with an extra chromosome.  The family was all on the same page and they couldn’t be prouder to announce they adopted precious Isabelle (3 yrs) from Eastern Europe in January 2011.  The journey to adopt Isabelle was incredible but the children they left behind will always way heavy on their hearts.  They are crazy excited to bring home this amazing little boy they know has been waiting for so long.  The wondrous blessing of having a child with Down syndrome is something they say they don’t know how they lived with out prior to Isabelle coming home.  Now the dream of having two lovely little ones blessed with that extra chromosome is only months away!!  The Spitz family is truly grateful!!!!  Please help this family by supporting them with prayer and please visit the family blog and donate a $1 or $2 toward this new journey.  They Thank You!!!!

Follow the Spitz family's adoption journey on their blog at  
$1050.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

As you know from my post yesterday, they are an amazing family! However, with this being their 4th adoption, they don't have $20,000 just lying around. Please donate to this sweet family RIGHT HERE!!!!

Summer gets soo excited when new donations come in... just look at these posts! :)
Maybe after you have donated, you can request something.. a back flip off a diving board into ice cold water maybe?? You better not ask for that unless you fund the rest of their adoption! ;) 

But seriously... going back a second time to EE, which is their fourth adoption, and they've committed through RR FOUR times!!! Of course, not all four went though, or are still in process, but that's some serious commitment! And I've said it before, I'll say it again, they are an AMAZING family!!! Every dollar you donate will soo be worth it! So go HERE... now! And help bring Gavin home!!!

Their header.. I love it! Then again, I designed it, so I'm biased... ;)

And remember - Lyla still needs a family!!!

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  1. Sarah - WOW!!!! I can't even believe it!!! Well except for the back flip in to cold water - that is so you - I Love your sense of humor!!!!! Honestly, you are so good to us and I appreciate it so very much!!! Then I got to the bottom of the post and saw the picture collage you made for Lyla - so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!


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