Monday, August 8, 2011

'Mazing Monday - Aaron Nalle

It's Monday! And here is a very special boy I want to tell you about!

AARON for the Nalle family–Palmyra, VA


Follow the adoption journey of the Nalle family on their blog at

At the institution where he was living before Gotcha Day!

Playing in the sand with his big brother Elijah!

And now - three happy brothers! :)

This boy LOVES to swim! :)

"All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!"

More swimming!

I told you he loves to swim!

Dear Aaron,
I have story to tell you! Back a long time ago, before you even knew you had a family, there was a nice lady who commented on my blog. Her profile said Julia so I clicked on it. It brought me a page with her blog, and a bunch of blogs she follows (which is a lot!). I went to her blog and that was the first time I saw your face. You were (and still are!!) such a handsome little guy! :) Then I started following your journey home, and I followed several other blogs from your mama's sidebar. Then I talked my mom into buying a piece of your puzzle that your family was doing as a fundraiser. It didn't take much to convince her since I was talking about you all the time. I remember when they met you... I had your mom's blog up constantly, and refreshed it every time I walked by. Then came the whole fiasco of waiting for a court date, and the judge might not approve the adoption since she had never done and adoption case before. But then.... they got you OUT! And you came HOME! Home forever and ever. But your lovely mama still yells and shouts at the top of her lungs for those left behind. It's definitively not in vain because look at Mr. Judd who is home now!!! And Mr. Patrick also has a family coming for him because of her! You are doing so well now, getting stronger everyday! Soon you will have some time in the hospital, where the doctors will try and fix your arms. I'll be praying for you buddy!

SAFE. In Papa's arms...

(I can promise you he doesn't wear butterfly wings all the time... :) It was for a play, and you can read his mama's post about it here!)
I love you Mr. Aaron! You are one very special boy, and you have a very special family who loves you very, very much! Love, Sarah

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  1. lOVE IT. Aaron was probably the first RR adoption journey I really followed closely, and he's clearly gone leaps and bounds. Awesome!


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