Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lookie!! Lookie here at what I found!!!

For some reason I never went back and looked at my pictures from my mission trip to EE last summer from where I have them stored. I just went back and looked though my blog post about the baby orphanage to look for more pictures of some kids that are now listed - even though I knew I didn't post them all! I don't know what I was thinking, but anyways today I was looking for a picture and came across the baby orphanage ones I took..AND LOOK WHAT I FOUND!

For the record, I do NOT know why it looks like someone is about to bop him on the head... It might have been my arm (no I wasn't going to hit him!!) judging from where the camera was it doesn't look like it.. I have NO idea!
Do you know who that is???

If not you might recognize this picture of me and the same little boy:

Still don't know!?!? Recognize any of these pictures?

If you still don't know who he is you are obviously not paying any attention to my sidebar or you are reading all my posts through Google Reader, and you haven't left a comment lately (yes Michelle, I know that you have to leave Reader to comment... but at least you don't have to get up out of your chair! ;) If you do get up though, don't forget to lock your computer!)!

And if you do recognize his sweet little face, good for you! :) All these pictures are of sweetheart named listed on RR as Logan. Actually he isn't listed right now because Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS, which is what he has) isn't on the special needs list of children who can be adopted, so you won't find him on RR. Please keep praying that the special needs list gets expanded so he can be adopted before next year!!!

If you haven't caught it by now, he NEEDS a FAMILY!!! I posted about him here Waiting Wednesday: Logan, and you can find the rest of my posts about him here.

I do have several other pictures to share of other children at him orphanage that I found but those will have to wait because today its all about Logan!

Please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE spread the word about him!! While you can't link to him on RR right now, please feel free to link to any of my posts here about him and use any of the pictures!! Andrea posted about him also - right here, so please go read that as well!

And pray PRAY PRAY PRAY that he finds a family interested in him SOON! I know both Andrea and I would go get him in a heartbeat, but considering that countries requirements, it won't work for either of us, since neither of us are married and I need to be 12 years older!!! :)


  1. Sarah, I can see why you are in love. He is darling. I am praying for miraculous things to happen soon with that list, and with Logan!


  2. LOVE that boy!!! Thanks for sharing :)


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