Monday, July 25, 2011

Joshua Warner is coming HOME!

This sweet boy...

Is coming HOME! I posted a prayer request here - for the the Warner family, everything was going wrong as they were trying to get the last papers done to get him home.

From his mama's blog:

We are ALL coming home!!

Not sure if I will get a chance to post later as we are going to be pretty busy gathering things and getting ready for a 3a departure for the airport but as the title said:

She started first to listen to him and she said it was unclear in her mind if the x ray would be improved enough but that she promised a new x ray so she ordered it.

After what seemed like too long she came back and exclaimed much much better and she said she would be able to move him up a classification in order to allow him to fly. She said she had to contact the embassy to make sure it would be accepted and the proper way to do it since we did not follow the CDC exactly. They told her what they would accept and she was filling it out when I left to take Joshua back for a short nap.

Plan- embassy later today for final appointment and get visa. Buy more baby food for the trip home. Pack and at 3a Kiev time we head to the airport for our trip home. We will have a lay over in Frankfurt and Chicago but will be in Detroit at 6:38p est.

I can't promise a blog update right away. As you can imagine and can understand that by the time we drive the 2 hours to our hometown and spend the time with my parents and my children. I might very well be emotionally and physically drained. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your donations that allowed us to be able to stay the additional days needed for this mess to be sorted out. Thank you for the prayers! It really took an act of God since the doctor did not give us much hope at first this morning. She said it was unclear to her and I bowed my head, prayed and said well it isn't unclear to God and we could only see if it was his will. We feel absolutely blessed it was!


Please continue to keep his family in your prayers though, as his new mommy has to go home and bury her sister this week.

Anyone have any idea for 'Mazing Monday??

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