Thursday, July 21, 2011

In an institution...

Lay two sweethearts that need a family. I've posted about them before for Waiting Wednesday posts, and today they are heavy on my heart. Genesis and Natalia (RR links here and here).

Genesis' old photos:
When she first got listed
After she was transferred to an institution

Shortly after the last photo

Genesis' newest photo:

Natalia's photo:

It plain and simple breaks my heart. I started crying after seeing Genesis new picture. She's adorable, but they shaved all her beautiful hair off! I'm so glad she looks happy in the picture, but I bet as soon as whoever took the picture left the room, her toy was grabbed away from her, and she was pushed off whatever she was sitting on. :(

I don't have a new picture to share of Natalia, but she is 8, and very tiny. She has gorgeous blue eyes, and she needs a family NOW!!!

I ask you to please PRAY for these two sweeties! Not only pray for families, but pray for them! They are living in horrific sistuations, and need out before they perish!

And please don't forget Teri Lynn!

Her Grant now says:
$16428.30 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Did you read that? That's as much as Eddie had in his grant! Please email Marianne at to make an inquiry to adopt her! She needs you NOW! She needs a family to CHERISH and LOVE her as my dear friend Rachel said in her post about her.

Pray. Please PRAY. And then ACT.

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