Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lifest - Wednesday!

Sorry these pictures are kinda big, and sorry there are 12 pics.. :) My program isn't responding when I try and make them smaller!

So in this post I said that I was going to a Christian music festival... I've been there the past 3 days (typed this yesterday, was there Weds, Thurs, and Fri) with my best friend Rachel and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!! I'm going to post each day separately, so I'm starting with Wednesday evening...

Peter Eide opened with worship, and this song, which is one of my new favorite, though I can't find it anywhere!!!
If you can't read that it says:
We are not orphans
God will not let us go
He knows us
And chose us for his own

More of the song:
Hear the voice of Abba
Singing over us
Hear the voice of Abba
Singing over us

Echelon during the opening

Chasen - we found out that this isn't just the name of the band, it's his real name! :)
Group 1 Crew

Rachel and I got quite a kick out of her hair! :)

Justin Lookado - the keynote speaker of the night. He was really, really good!

I'm only posting this picture because I am in a really good mood right now... :) I'll probably come back and delete it later! And it's a good thing I know how to get into Rachel's account, because if she posts any of me.. well, it's a good thing she lives 20 minutes away!
The headliner of the night - Newboys! - Michael Tait leading

The drummer - he was soo funny, we got quite a kick out of him!

And the classic spinning of the drummer in the Newsboys show!
Other 2 days to come, as well as some super cute vids of Jonathan! Go here to see Rachel's pictures from Wednesday!

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