Monday, July 25, 2011

Taking Suggestions for 'Mazing Monday and Faithful Friday!!!!

No one replied to my post earlier when I asked about who to do for 'Mazing Monday!

So does anyone know of any kids that are doing amazing and thriving at home that I could do for 'Mazing Monday? (Monday, August 8th is taken for a very special little boy, and nope he's not one of my little brothers!) If you know of any awesome kiddo's I could feature, please comment here or email me at forhisgloryhandiwork (at) gmail (dot) com!

And Faithful Friday!! Any lovely families who need help or support as they are trying to bring their kids home? Is it you?? This Friday is taken but no one is lined up for the next few Friday's! Again please comment here or email me at forhisgloryhandiwork (at) gmail (dot) com! They don't have to be families whose blogs I'm following either!

Thank you all! And don't be afraid to leave me a comment! It's not like I hate them or anything!! :)


  1. Comments are hard. You have to leave your google reader to leave a comment. :)

  2. Ya, I agree Michelle! LOL

    What about Lilya, Sarah??? :-)

  3. I was just thinking, I don't even remember suggesting Lil! Hehe -- I didn't! Your mom did :)


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