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Faithful Friday - The Prevost Family

This Friday (ok, sorry it's Saturday, I had the post almost done, and didn't finish it until this morning), meet the Prevost's! Their FSP isn't up on RR, and no picture can be shared of their little guy because of where they are adopting from but boy, he's a CUTIE! :) The Prevost's are great friends of ours, and I can't wait to hold their sweet boy when he comes home! Since I can't share what I normally share (pictures and FSP), I'm going to copy a post from my dear friend Ashley, who is going to be Carter's mama soon!! :) 


Well, good - because I have one.

This is the Prevost family.

Picture perfect, right?!

Ben & Juli will have been married for 11 years (on 11/11/11!), and have 3 (soon to be 4!) beautiful kiddos. 



and Analeigh. 

 If you could meet any one of their kids, you'd absolutely melt.  Sweetest kids ever.

Did you catch the 'soon to be 4' up above?  That's right, they're adopting.  A little honey with Down syndrome.  I wish I could show you a photo...because he's really a doll.  And he's so close in age to this boy....

...they're bound to be buds.

On top of that, we live in neighboring towns.

And this process that both of our families are working through has sparked a friendship.

Crazy how that happens.

Back in December when our friends were in Eastern Europe adopting Elijah, Juli & I bumped into each other at our church, where they bring their kids for AWANA.  Somehow, we started talking about Reece's Rainbow.  We both talked about our 'favorites' on the waiting children list, and agreed that someday we'd love to adopt one.  Or two.  Or twelve.

Fast forward about 3 months.  Jake and Juli bumped into each other at another AWANA event sponsored by our church.  Again, the topic of conversation turned to adoption.  I wasn't there, but I'm sure it went something like this...

Jake - "So - Ash and I have committed to a boy on Reece's Rainbow."

Juli - "Omigosh!!! WHAT?!  That's crazy, because Ben & I are about to start our homestudy and commit to a boy on Reece's Rainbow!"

I'm sure that after this came lots of "no way" and "holy cow" statements.

And there you have it.  Bang.  Instant friendship.

So, while the Lord led us to Eastern Europe, he led Ben & Juli somewhere else.  Somewhere so different.

Ben & Juli are going to China.  It seems like a world away from Eastern Europe.

Part of me is a bit jealous - China seems so much more mysterious & intriguing than Eastern Europe.

But along with 'China' comes some downfalls.

Most of the kids listed on Reece's Rainbow are from Eastern Europe.  Probably 95%.  The kids that are listed from other places in the world have a very small 'following'.  It's not bad or wrong, that's just how it is.

When we committed to Carter, we got tons of emails.  Tons of blog comments.  Tons of support from people we never met, saying that they loved Carter and have been praying for him.  We were so ridiculously blessed.

Well...when Ben & Juli decided on their China sweetheart, nobody reached out to them.  Nobody emailed.  Nobody commented.  Nobody.

There are some other aspects as to why they haven't had an outpouring of support - mostly logistical & technical in nature, none of which is anyone's's just how China is.

Ben & Juli hope to travel in December or January.

That's coming up soon.

You won't see photos of their sweet boy.  Maybe not even until they travel.  But would you visit their blog?  Would you pray for their journey, and for sweet Caleb?  Would you let them know that you support them, and just leave them some encouragement & love?

Everyone needs encouragement.

Especially in the midst of the battle that is adoption.

They have a big fundraisier coming up soon.  If you're local - support them.  They may not go to your church, their kids may not go to your kids school, but they're family.  Family in Christ.  Nothing better, I'd say.  If you're not local, there are directions of how you can donate on their blog.

Rise up, church.  
Love - support - encourage - pray - ACT. 

One Thing I Know For Sure:  This is one pretty incredible family...please - reach out to them! 
You can view their blog here.  Go - NOW!

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