Wednesday, July 20, 2011

'Mazing.. Wednesday? - Zhen and Theo Nance

Today (which is supposed to be Monday even thought the calendar says Wednesday!), meet two little boys formerly from Elijah's former orphanage! :) Zhen and Theo Nance! And today I'm gonna let the pictures and videos tell the story!

ALEC & ZHENYA for the Nance family–Maize, KS


Follow the adoption journey of the Nance family on their blog at

Still at the orphanage, and just home


Today - Look at how much they have changed with the love of a family!


This my friends, is why I advocate for these special children. I don't think Theo would still be on this earth if the Nance's didn't take the leap of faith to bring these boys home!

Unlike Theo, Teri Lynn still needs a family! Last time I checked, her grant was at:

$11591.50 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

That's over 11 thousand dollars more in her account from a week ago when I posted about her for WW!!!! Please, is she your daughter? I want to do a Faithful Friday or a Mazing Monday for her so bad, but I do NOT want to do a Resting with Jesus post for her. :( 

She needs a FAMILY NOW, are you it?

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