Monday, July 11, 2011

Lifest - Thursday - THE BEST DAY!!!

Thursday at Lifest was by far THE BEST DAY! :) And it was long, but who cares because we got to meet JJ Heller, Meredith Andrews and her ADORABLE baby Maverick, and Laura Story!!!! Pictures with all four of them, and Laura Story's autograph! :D

First off, a seminar with JJ Heller, her husband, and her baby baby girl Nora! :) She's due in September!

She totally rocks! :)

Meredith Andrews!
I always liked her music, but I hadn't heard my new favorite song yet!

She played this song, and I was about crying by the end... :) I wouldn't have changed a word if I rewrote this for my Logan!

Meredith Andrews Seminar... We were going to go to Josh Wilson (or was it Matthew West? I don't remember..)'s seminar instead, but it wasn't starting on time so we came back, and I'm SOO glad we did! She spoke about how we needed to be the church in action, and care for the orphans and needy. Right up mine and Rachel's lanes! :)
Us with baby Maverick! :D He's ten months old, and almost measures up in cuteness to Jonathan.. :)

Us with Meredith and Maverick! :D

Music time with JJ Heller and her hubby back on the main stage! Something tells me she recognized us here?!? Or maybe she just saw a whole bunch of cameras and smiled.. Probably the latter, but I still can hope, right? :)

"What Love Really Means"

FFH - I love them! :)

Jennifer Deibler of FFH

Josh Wilson!

He sang my personal favorite of his - I Refuse!

Matthew West!

He sang My Little World, and Strong Enough, but I think the highlight for most people was when he did his own version of Justin Bieber's song Baby and replaced 'Baby' in the chorus with 'Lifest'!
Between Kutless and Mercy Me, Bob Lenz spoke. I'm so glad we got to hear him! He was really good!

Mercy Me - They were amazing! At the end they had everyone standing, singing along with All of Creation, and waving glow sticks people were handing out before.

Perhaps I shouldn't have had that soda to keep me awake for Laura Story...


My absolute favorite part was when she sang Mighty To Save! She sings it so much better then Hillsong (sorry no offence Hillsong fans!)! She also sang Indescribable which she actually wrote even though Chris Tomlin recorded it. And of course, she sang Blessings! :D 

I don't think there could have been a better way to end out the night morning (it was past midnight by then! :) She looks exhausted!)!!!


  1. Sarah, I love that song! Just perfect.

  2. Sarah, that song made me cry, especially as I thought about our boy...

    Looks like Lifest was awesome! So glad you got to go!

    p.s. I agree, Laura Story's version of Mighty to Save is much better than Hillsong's :)


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