Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby!

I'm so glad we get to celebrate your first birthday with you.

I'm so glad you don't ever have to spend a birthday alone without a family.

I'm so glad that you will never have to sit behind the walls of an institution.

I'm so glad you will never know the meaning of the word orphan, when it applies to your status.

I'm so glad that you will always be loved. And...

I'm so glad we get get to be your lucky FAMILY.

Happy Birthday, Jonathan!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Sweet Jonathan! So glad you get to spend your first birthday with your family...

  2. What a sweety! Love that little cutie- happy birthday Jonathan! hope all went well with Jake and Ashley's benefit!

  3. Happy birthday Jonathan! What a blessing that he will never have to be without a family on his birthday!


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