Friday, August 19, 2011

Talk about a great day!!!

That was this past Wednesday. After hearing the news about Andrey, his huge grant, and his family, and posting about him... I got another email with the subject line "Talk about a great day!!!". How could the day get better? Well it did, because when I opened the email I saw a picture I hadn't seen before, but I definitively recognized and loved the face... I haven't posted it till now because I haven't had permission to share it, but now I do, so you can see this beautiful boy!

Yep, I got a new picture of my boy Logan!!! Oh my, his hair! So cute! And his smile! I love this boy! :)

I know most of you have seen all these pictures, but I just wanted to share them again to remind you how cute he is and for my new readers. :)

Please keep praying for a family for him, and the law would change so he can be adopted before he turns 5 (Sept 2012)! He isn't listed on RR because he isn't available, but that doesn't mean a family can't start their paperwork for him! They just can't commit until her becomes available. Please spread the work for this little one and feel free to link back to any of my posts here. Thank you!

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