Friday, April 6, 2012

Faithful Friday - Josh's Family

Today meet Josh's family!!

Dave and Carla already have two little boys (not pictured), and are working very hard to bring home their little dude, Josh!! They have already had their first trip and have met him (hence the pictures with him!), but they still have to go back for court and then again to get him outta the orphanage FOREVER!

Now Josh is going to have his very own daddy!

And his own mommy!

JOSH for Dave & Carla — WI

Dave had volunteered as a counselor at Special Needs Church Camp for many years when a new counselor arrived in June 2003.  The evening before the campers arrived, Carla found herself eating dinner at the same table as Dave.  It didn’t take long for the two to begin conspiring about a practical joke they would play on the camp director.  After camp, a long distance romance budded before Carla left her home in Pennsylvania to move closer to Dave in Wisconsin.  They were married in 2005 and have since added two biological sons to their family.  Dave and Carla always knew they wanted to adopt and started pursuing Domestic Infant adoption prior to the birth of their second son.  They were still waiting for a placement when Carla became aware of Reece’s Rainbow in September 2011.  It didn’t take long for her to spot a little guy that she couldn’t imagine not bringing home.  Thankfully, Dave agreed. 
Dave continues to work as a Physical Therapist while Carla (also a Physical Therapist) is blessed to be a Stay-at-Home Mom.  Dave and Carla are greatful for your prayers as they work toward bringing their little boy home. 
Follow the family's adoption journey on their blog

$2127.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

I've had the honor of getting to know Carla a little bit through email, after all, she lives less than two hours away from me! :) I was able to design a prayer card for them and also one for their friends who just adopted from China. She and her family are so sweet and a really looking forward to getting Josh home!

They have some awesome fundraisers going on right now! You can get some coffee or some really cool t-shirts, like this one!
Rach and I both have this one, and we love it! My dad also has the One Orphan at a Time in black.

And by either donating to their FSP, sharing their fundraisers, or sharing to any waiting child, you can be entered to win this BEAUTIFUL shawl that Carla made!

Yup, like me, she's a crafter! :) She knits though, not crochets like I do. There is a difference! ;)

You can go HERE to see how you can enter, but sure to email them saying you entered and how you entered, and be SURE to do it TODAY, because they are drawing the winner on Sunday!

Please consider taking the time to help this awesome family bring home their little dude forever!! :) Thanks!


  1. I've heard it said "go BIG or go home". You definitely went BIG on getting your name in on the shawl giveaway! :o)

  2. Sarah- Knowing Carla personally I can only tell you, I cannot wait until the day you get to meet her in person. She is AMAZING;) Your blog is great; Your heart beautiful. Thanks for all you do!


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