Thursday, April 19, 2012

New pictures...

Many kids have new pictures!! While it's exciting to get new pictures, it's so sad to see how they are growing up without a family. :(

**All old pictures are on the left, and all new are on the right! I'm finally getting the hang of this pictures side by side thing! :)

Here are some kiddos I've posted about before that have new pictures!

Cora Lynne...

And there are some I haven't posted about before, but their pictures  make me giggle! 
(Scratch that, I wrote this part of the post before I posted yesterday's Waiting Wednesday. I have posted about Vincent before. :))
Such as Vincent!

And Evelyn!
Seriously! Do their hats come any cuter or any more ridiculous???

And then there are some that looking at their old pictures and new pictures either breaks my heart or make me sick to my stomach.

Like Valery P...

There's also Anna S... I'm afraid she will never find a family because of the way she looks. Will someone she her as she is, a beautiful little girl, who can't help the way she looks??

This one makes me sick to my stomach - Daria B (found in the additional children here, she is 3rd from last)...
Daria is in the same region as Ksenia, probably the same institution.

All of the children in this post, or mentioned in this post are in desperate need of families!!! 

Please consider if you have room in your hearts to bring one of them home. They do not deserve to live where they are at! 

And of course, also spread the word and pray for them! They are all living on borrowing time!


  1. Oh my precious Daria. I'm so happy you guys updated her picture! All those babies are plastered all over my room. But I just can't help them all! FIRST Ksenia, and then the others.

  2. one at a time with's what we should all be doing! so thankful you linked up xxxx


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