Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Waiting Wednesday: Angela

Remember this family?
The Clanton family. They were working to bring home two precious kiddos I had been advocating for - Genesis/Sarah, and Dmitriy/Seth.

Before they got over there, Dmitriy was adopted by another family, and he is now home! They choose another child, Selah aka "Lala" to be their daughter.
Clanton's are now over in country and have had court, and are now the proud parents 5, including Sarah Joy and Selah Johannah!!!
Jon and Selah, and Yvonne and Sarah
As I loaded their family picture into this post, I realized it looked so wrong! You know why? Because it's missing two precious girls! :) Their oldest, Steve, and 8 yo, Sam are over in country with them, and Shad who is 9, is staying with friends here in the US. And around May 9th, they'll all be together as a FAMILY!
Clanton Family without Shad
I have really enjoyed getting to know this wonderful family, and following their journey. If you aren't friends with Yvonne on FB, I suggest you go check out their blog!

Which brings me to today's Waiting Wednesday post. They have had a great experience at the institution they are at, and they have been able to meet a lot of other kids. One of them being the girl they sponsor through Life2Orphans, Angela.
Today when they were visiting with their girls on the veranda, Angela and some other kids were out there as well. Yvonne asked to hold her, and she rocked her for the rest of her visit. Here's what Yvonne has to say about her.
"Today she had her out on the veranda while we were out with our girls & I asked if I could swing her. I did for the rest of our visit. She nestled into me, and I cried. She has so many needs, it's even overwhelming to me but isn't there someone who can be her parents? She is full of joy. I've never seen her not smiling. She has a smile on her face & is so appreciative of everything. She can not walk, not sure if she'd ever be able to and she is gaining weight. She can hold herself up but does have alot of medical needs. Could you consider adopting her? If a family would step up, our family would help raise the money.... If you can't adopt her, could you give to her fund on Reece's Rainbow? she is Angela.... I'm glad I had the chance to swing her today and hold her although my eyes hurt from tears. I can only imagine what the caregivers think of me sobbing today... she needs a family, she's blind, she needs love... The bible clearly tells us to take care of the "least of them" We are not to close our eyes to the needs but we are to step up and do what we can....Please pray and do what you can for this precious soul!"

It breaks my heart, she is 11 years old, has many medical needs, and is one of the last to be considered for adoption. She's 11, and look how tiny she is! PLEASE help her... pray, give, and adopt her!!! She needs you!!

Here's is her profile:


Girl, born February 2001
Diagnosis:  severe grade of the mental delay, hydrocephalus, fibrosis of hyaloid, secondary glaucoma, exfoliation/detachment of retina, congenital defect of the heart partition

Angela is very small for her age.  She needs a family!
Interested families need to have a completed home study to commit.

$50.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

And let me know if you want to contact Yvonne to find out more about her and or her institution. I'd be happy to hook you up with her, and once she has a family coming for her, Yvonne will probably be able to get more pictures and updates on her.

Thank you for helping to save her life!!!

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  1. oh sweet girl...this made me cry reading about it! I am going to add sweet Angela into the gallery now we have some faces gone!xxxxxx


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