Monday, April 2, 2012

My shining star!


My beautiful shining star!
Picture from Rainbow of Hope
You were abandoned, shunned by everyone, and are treated like dirt.
So many rocks have been thrown at you.. yet you are still shining!!
And I pray that somewhere out there there, there is a family wanting a little girl of their own, who is ready to help your bruises heal, and protect you from any more rocks.
Now just to find them...

I love you, my shining princess!!


  1. Just have to repost these pictures - what a precious girl!!

  2. Tabitha is gorgeous.

  3. Your comment went in spam by accident, so if you wanted to repost then it's totally okay with me, but I'm telling you that here so I know you see it :P

  4. how gorgeous is tabitha, cant believe she is still waiting x


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