Friday, April 13, 2012


Ok, I have to go soon to get back to cleaning and getting ready for this weekend, as we have some very special guests coming this weekend!! And maybe one of these days I'll get a Waiting Wednesday posted for this week, but real quick I want to tell you to go check out and enter the Love Multiplied giveaway!!

There are only two days left and the Spitz family REALLY needs your help!!! Summer's birthday is tomorrow and I know there isn't anything she would like better for her birthday than for you to enter the Love Multiplied Giveaway to bring home her baby!!

Here's a post from Coleen who is hosting the giveaway!


In two days, on April 15th, our giveaway to rescue princess Lyla will come to an end.
We have two days left to raise her ransom.


That is how much is left to be raised. That is how much is needed to be FULLY FUNDED!! This has been an amazing week for Reece's Rainbow families, I've had the pleasure of watching four families become fully funded this week.

The Rhodes familyFULLY FUNDED!

The Cole familyFULLY FUNDED!

The Edwards familyFULLY FUNDED!

The Salem familyFULLY FUNDED!

and am hoping we'll see Lyla's family added to that list....
The Spitz Family$9,574 needed.

The only thing more wonderful than watching four families become fully funded would be to witness five families get fully funded this week! Lyla's family.

Lyla has waited TWO YEARS and now we have TWO DAYS left to lift the burden of funding so that after this very long wait she can finally be freed from her dungeon and brought into a family that recognizes the pure perfection she is, a genuine princess.

Thank you in advance for helping to bring beautiful baby home!!! Oh and I'll give you a sneak peak of who is coming tomorrow!


Until the cleaning is done,

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