Monday, November 12, 2012

Mama's Little Cowboys

With red hair, freckles & a peanut butter face,
He looks at his mama with wonder & wait.

Those brown eyes a shining & looking so bright.
Just waiting for her to say ok go outside.

With a kiss on the cheek & a hug that’s so tight.
He heads for the door with six guns at side.

There are outlaws to catch, wild ponies to rides, 
Gotta get them doggies before it gets night.

There are outlaws to catch, wild ponies to rides, 
Gotta get them doggies before it gets night.

With rope in his hand & hat pulled down tight, he saddles his pony & gets ready to ride.
I’m the toughest of cowboys! He shouts to his steed.
Ain’t sacred of no outlaw, Indian, or thief!

But even the toughest of cowboys get dumped.
And he came thru the front door with tears & a lump.

His mama was there to ease his pain.
With a kiss and hug it all went away.

With red hair & freckles & a bump on his chin, he was off riding the trails once again.
She knows that someday the time will come, she’ll have to cut the fences & just let him run.

But with red hair & freckles & those shiny brown eyes.
He’s mama’s little cowboy, her joy & pride.


These sweet boys have missed that part of growing up, and missed having a mama to be there for them. They are now over ten years old, and have never had the luxury of pretending to be a cowboy and shoot all the bad guys. While they are all over ten, I'm sure they still would love to be mama's little cowboy, because they are still boys. They haven't had the chance to grow up like they should.

But, hope is not lost for them. They still can have that chance. Please give them that chance and save them from being unadoptable, which they all will be soon if mama doesn't go save her little cowboy.

They deserve the chance to be a little boy. Please don't let that chance be taken away from them forever. Click on any of their pictures to find out more about them!

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