Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Who, What, Where, How, Why & WW: Simon

I was scrolling down through the page of Newly Listed children on Reece's Rainbow.

I was asking why? Why God must they lie in cribs to die, confined to mental institutions for the rest of their lives, without families, only because they look and act a bit different from everybody else.

Then my heart stopped, and broke, when I saw this face and these words.
"Simon needs a family IMMEDIATELY — he has until October 2013 to be adopted, otherwise he will lose his chance for a family."

WHO IS HE? - His name is "Simon", and he is 15 years old (born Oct '97). His medical diagnosis include spinal muscular atrophy, and mixed specific developmental disorders (mental delays and very poor speech).

My bloggy friend Jane met his when she was in his country earlier this year. Here's what she had to say about him - Simon was so bright, he is amazing! he has great potential and has expressed his desire for a family.  He loves gadgets and computers is a typical boy like that!   He managed to get into my camera bag (even though it was high on a cupboard) and took my mobile phone apart!  He was truly mortified when he couldn’t get it back together and was so sorry…he came straight to me very shamefaced and repentant.
He cannot walk at all; he does not feel his legs and they are very wasted, but he gets around brilliantly in his wheel chair.  He talks and is picking up English and draws and writes.  He is in the first happy home there with 8 others and so is getting amazing care for his situation.

WHAT DOES HE NEED? - He needs a family that will give him the love he has never had, the hope for a future that he has never known, and knowledge that he is valuable  important, special, and worthy of a family and of love.

WHERE ARE THEY and WHERE IS HE? - We don't know who and where they are yet. We just  have to keep advocating, and keep yelling for him, and trust God that He will move their hearts when they see his picture. Where is he? He is an an adult mental institution much like, the one I was at.

HOW DO WE FIND THEM? - By sharing his picture, and spreading the word about him, and his need.

And WHY AM I YELLING FOR A FAMILY FOR HIM? - I am so often drawn to the older kids, esp those close to aging out. Maybe it's because I know they won't find families as easily as the cute babies. Maybe it's because they are very close to my age, or older than me. Or maybe it's because I've seen where they will spend the if they are not adopted. Whatever it is, my heart hurts today for Simon.

Will you help me find him a family???

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