Friday, November 23, 2012

My Big Thanksgiving and Black Friday Post

Thanksgiving Eve I was home with the little ones while everyone was at the Thanksgiving Eve service, so we made Thanksgiving treats! All was going well. Rachel was having fun, Elijah was getting lots of good OT, Jonathan was being cranky. Until they finished peeling the Reese's Peanut Butter cups, and I let them each have one. Then Elijah decided he did not like his, and gagged on it, and I was reminded again I don't do puke. ;P

Here are some pictures from before our little episode:
My adorable helpers!
Mr. Cranky and me


My day Thanksgiving day started at 5:30, when my dad, my 8yo brother Isaac, and I got dressed in orange. But unlike usual when we dress in orange that early, we were'nt going out in the woods. We were also getting dressed to go running, and to go and take a picture with a giant turkey.

Our first Turkey Trot! A 2mi run/walk. I'm not athletic and I'm not a runner, but I started running about a month ago, and am happy to say I finished my first "race"! I'm homeschooled and have to get my 2 PhyEd credits in somehow, right? ;)
Here's my vlog (video blog) of the race. But if you don't want to watch it, here are a few pics.
Getting ready to start! 
That's a lot of peoples!
Isaac crossing the finish line!
Me crossing the finish line!
2 mi in 26 min! My first run was 1/2 mi in 30 min, so not bad to improve my pace that much!


I posted this on our Handiwork for Lilly and Owen Facebook page Thanksgiving night -
Happy Thanksgiving!!! Today we are thankful for YOU! Thank you for helping us help Elijah (now Sarah's brother), Anastasia (now Carrington Burman), Sergey, Eddie (now Gideon Evensen), Noah (now Noah Silva), Jonathan (now Sarah's brother), and now Lilly and Owen home!!! Plus Carter Gibson, Caleb Prevost, Naika T, and Jimmy Ott home through benefits and craft sales! You guys are amazing, and we could not be doing this without you!

In addition to that, today I am thankful for all the usually things - family, friends, a roof over my head, always enough to eat, etc.... but I'm also thankful that God has broke my heart for what breaks His, and that I am able to advocate on this blog for the least of these. All the hours I've spent blogging, all the tears I've shed over children, it's all worth it, if it helps bring one child home.


Ok, Black Friday. First of all, I love this picture, and I totally agree with it's message. Such a wonderful reminder.

At the same time, I am not against getting good deals on things that people would have bought anyways even if it wasn't on sale. But you do have to draw a line somewhere, and some people can get a little crazy and obsessive on the day after they say they are thankful for everything they have. Ironic, isn't it, that those two days, Thanksgiving and Black Friday are right next to each other. :P

We did do some Black Friday shopping at Kohl's (it opened at midnight... we can do midnight, but not 6am!), but it was mostly things like church clothes we would have bought anyway. I went mostly for the fun of it, and did another vlog, about it and the... people there when the store opened. I would call them crazy and stupid, but that's not very nice.

We weren't one of those in and out people.. we were actually looking around and shopping. And picking up knocked over cloths. And trying not to get run over. This one lady barged her way through where I was standing, and literally knocked me over. She didn't stop to help me up, say sorry or even acknowledge what she just did. And another lady got mad at me because I was in her way when I was trying to get up. People weren't even treating each other like human beings!


Happy Thanksgiving Weekend Everyone! I hope you had a wonderful day with your family, and that you didn't forget about those who have next to nothing to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.


  1. Thanks yeah kohls was not bad last year at just after midnight I saw people coming out of the store but this year we went shopping later & it was a crazy long line & at least two places it was a disorganized mess. I enjoyed the BF commentary from you though it made me chuckle. Good job on the turkey run!

  2. Josh tried to convince me to go to Walmart at midnight, but I had a bad experience last year and decided not to go ;) I did go yesterday at like 3:00, but that was not bad at all...super busy, but nobody shoving and pushing because all the good stuff was already gone :)


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