Sunday, November 4, 2012

Orphan Sunday

There are soo many good posts I've read today about Orphan Sunday.

(Today is Orphan Sunday by the way.)

Unfortunately, if I try to write one, it won't even come close to measuring up.

So I would like you to go visit two blogs, and then watch two videos.

Actually, no I wouldn't like you too, I DARE YOU TO.

These posts need reading. And these videos need watching.

I DARE YOU to be bold enough to read them and watch them.

Because they are hard to read and watch.

But ohh so worth it.

Because you will have new passion and fervor for doing something to help with the orphan crisis.

And EVERYONE needs to do something, because what's happening really is a CRISIS.

1. The Eighth Largest Country

2. If not us, then who?



Don't forget about those without a voice. Do something for them. Be their voice.

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