Wednesday, November 7, 2012


This is Lilly. She is an orphan waiting for a family.

This is Owen. He is an orphan waiting for a family.

This is Rachel (with "little" Rachel). She is Lilly's Angel Tree Warrior.

This is me (with Jonathan). I am Owen's Angel Tree Warrior.

This is Michelle (with King Dax). She is the Reece's Rainbow donations coordinator, mother of 5 (including 2 girls with Ds, one adopted from Ukraine), and a friend in real life of Sarah and Rachel's.

And soon there will be one more thing that connects us.

Once Lilly and Owen each hit the $500 mark (1/2 way!!) of their Angel Tree goal, Rachel and Sarah will be pied.

And once they both reach their Angel Tree goal of $1000, Michelle has agreed to be pied!!!

We will be pied by some special little Ukrainians (and one American!), and it will be video taped!

So do you want to see any of us get pied?? Then get Lilly and Owen to their goals! :)

Best part is Owen and Lilly will be another step closer to home! And that's our main goal.

(This chip-in goes straight to RR, IS TAX DEDUCTIBLE  and all donations will be split 50/50 between Lilly and Owen!)

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