Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dear Lyla, it's your birthday!

Dear Lyla,
Today is your birthday! You are 3 years old!! And today is a very special birthday, and very different from last year!! Why? Because this is your first birthday WITH a family, and last year you were still in an orphanage.
I posted this post last year about your birthday... When I posted that, I prayed it would be your last birthday in an orphanage, and my prayers were answered. You are now HOME, and LOVED, and CHERISHED, and SPOILED like a princess should be! :)
It brought me to tears reading that post and thinking about the wonderful family you are now home with. You are SOOO blessed baby girl!!
When I wrote that post, I also never dreamed how blessed I would be! I was hoping your family wasn't going to live TOO far away, so I could maybe come visit you someday. Instead, not only do I get to meet you, I get to help take care of your brothers and sisters when Mama came to get you, and be at the airport when you came home, AND spend several amazing days with you and your family!!!
I'm so lucky to love you Lyla! Happy birthday sweet girl!!


  1. I am a crying mess!!! Thank you Sarah for Loving Lyla so very much!!! I sure do miss you!!!!

  2. Love the new header! And love this post. She looks awesome!


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