Tuesday, February 14, 2012

PLEASE storm heaven!!

Happy Valentine's Day! I'm asking you to storm heaven and pray for two sweet little Valentine's by the names of Gideon and Micah.

First picture I ever saw of Eddie/Gideon
Picture my mom took of  Gideon while she was there adopting Elijah.
Gideon now!
Gideon, also known as Eddie, is the first child I ever posted about for waiting Wednesday. And Gideon is his soon to be brother.

Gideon has been transferred to an institution since my mom met him, and now has a family in country working to adopt him and his soon to be brother, Micah.

There is one problem though. Since Gideon has been transferred, they have to use a different court than we used, and this new one has NEVER had an adoption case. Evensen's (Gideon and Micah's family) knew this going into the adoption, but they didn't know just how big of a problem this would cause.

They were supposed to have court today, but they didn't pass. :( The judge has agreed to see them again tomorrow at 3:15 pm their time. That's 5:15 am Pacific time, or 7:15 am Central time tomorrow morning.

PLEASE BE PRAYING the rest of today and during that time! 

Please pray that the judge's heart will change and that they Evensen's will be able to adopt Gideon and Micah! 

The lives of these two little boys are at stake!

Please visit the Evensen's blog HERE to let them know you are praying!

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