Thursday, February 9, 2012

Waiting Wednesday: Ellie

Sorry posting this a day late! :)

Today my 9 yo sister Anna is doing a guest post about one of her favorite children still waiting for a family - Ellie!

Ellie 46

Girl, born November 2004

Ellie is an adorable brunette girl.  She has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome, with mild mental delays without behavioral impact.  She is said to be a good girl.  She is a kind, affectionate and lively girl.  She loves to play and draw.  She does not speak, but understands what is spoken to her.  She would surely make an excellent addition to a loving family.

More photos available.

$27.65 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Hi, my name is Anna. I am blogging about one of  my favorite orphans. I have two other girls that I like. Their names are Robyn and Isabelle

Ellie is a girl who needs a family! She is so cute! I was looking on Recce's Rainbow when I saw her. I decided to earn money for her. I'm having a fundraiser on my mom's blog. I'm selling potholders. Ellie is seven. Please pray with me that she finds a family! Are you her family????    


  1. Dear Sarah and Anna,
    Thank you both for having such beautiful hearts! That was a pleasure to donate and see a sweet smile of Ellie. I believe her daddy and mommy will find her, because I believe in miracles!

    By the way, the potholders are great! I've never seen any more beautiful and unique! But I wish to leave it to you so it could earn another $3!

    1. Thank you soo much! We really appreciate it! :)


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