Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Waiting Wednesday: Lilly's Birthday!

This is serving as my Waiting Wednesday post today! :)

My friend Rachel and I have a blog where we sell things that we've crocheted to earn money for orphans - Handiwork for Lilly. I haven't really posted about it a lot here, but I'm also very busy over there posting!

Today, I'm copying over part of my post from Handiwork for Lilly. PLEASE take the time to read this and participate in Lilly's Birthday Bash! Let's make this her LAST birthday without a family!


Lilly's Birthday Bash!

Sometime during the month of February, Lilly had a birthday. We don't know what date, just that it was in February. She turned 5.
She has waited FIVE long years for a family to call her own, and 5 years is way to long. There is a very good chance she has already been transferred, and time is ticking down, fast!

I've said it a million times, and I'll say it a million times more - SHE URGENTLY NEEDS A FAMILY!!! URGENTLY!!

We've been fundraising and advocating for Lilly here for almost 9 months, and she hasn't found a family. We have raised more for her than any other child so far - over $1000 and climbing, and she still hasn't found a family. She has over $6500 in her adoption fund for any family who adopts her, and she still hasn't found a family. She has waited FIVE YEARS, and she still hasn't found a family!!!

So we are begging you to help us!! We need your help!! She doesn't have much time left. Lilly  needs your  help!!

In honor of her birthday this month, which hasn't been very happy for her because she is still stuck in her crib all day long, we are hosting Lilly's Birthday Bash!
It starts today and will go until March 5th, since she is 5 years old. Almost one whole week! And we are praying AMAZING things will happen for Lilly in that week!

So what exactly is her Birthday Bash going to be about?? And how can you help?? Great questions! :) Here are your answers!

Please consider doing a couple or ALL of the things listed below to help save Lilly! She is depending on YOU!!

  1. Adopt!! We know not everyone is called to adopt, but there are MANY people who ARE called to adopt but are saying no to God. Are YOU Lilly's family??? Let us know if you are, and we'll celebrate with you and put you in touch with those who will help you get the process started! :)
  2. Donate!! Money is the biggest thing that stand in the way of families adoption. $10,000 is usually the amount that will find a family for a child. Right now, Lilly has $6563.50 in her grant. Only $3,500 more!! Can we get her grant that high by March 5th?? I don't think that's too big of a goal for our BIG God! But we still need your help!! There is a secure Paypal donate button on our sidebar.
  3. BUY!! We have many, many items listed, and we'll be listing many, many more over the next week! 100% of your total will go to Lilly's account! We don't even take out shipping (for that matter, we don't charge it!)! See the post below this one for more info.
  4. SHARE SHARE SHARE!! Blog Lilly, email Lilly, facebook Lilly, tweet Lilly, pin Lilly, and share Lilly on any other social media device you can think of! Please also try to link back to our blog as well!
  5. Grab our button!! ...and add it to your blog! You may have noticed I changed our header to a temporary birthday theme. The code is below the available and sold items on the sidebar. Let us know if you need help adding it to your blog!
  6. Follow this blog!! Or be sure to check back often.
  7. And MOST IMPORTANT... PRAY!!! Pray for Lilly, pray that she will be able to hold on, pray that a family will step up and adopt her, and pray that she will be able to feel all the love from half way around the world for her. Let us know if you want several prayer cards to post around your house to remember to pray for her!
There you go! 7 great ways to save Lilly's life! Yes, her LIFE! She will die if we do not team together and find her a family that can give her the medical care and love she needs to survive! It's her life at stake, and that's why we need your help!

If you did ANY of the above, please comment or email us (handiworkforelijah (at) gmail (dot) com) and let us know! For each of the different things you do (the different ways of sharing are counted separate), we'll enter you once into a drawing. On March 6th, we will draw a winner and they will receive a prize (to be determined)!!!

And to add to the fun... for every $25 worth of items you buy from us, you will receive $5 worth of your choice free!!!

Oh and be SURE to go read Rachel's birthday post about Lilly... very moving! - Lilly's Birthday

Okay! Lots of great stuff going on, we did our part (and will continue to), now it's YOUR turn!! Let's make this her last birthday in an orphanage!


Are you with us??

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  1. Happy Birthday Lilly!!! You are so beutiful, I wish I could tell you this and not just say it:)

    Sarah - You are an amazing person :) I know that you don't know me :) But God is using you in an amazing way ;) You and Rachel :) I will be praying for your babies and for loving, Christian families to adopt :)I will be there to pray for you :)


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