Saturday, February 11, 2012

Oh be still my heart...

I still haven't figured out why people say that - be still my heart. Why would you want your heart to stop? If it did you would die. And besides when you see something that makes you say that your heart beats faster, not slower. Maybe that's why you say it - to get your heart to slow down when it's beating to fast. LOL

Anyways.... Guess what I got yesterday that made my heart flutter!?!? New pictures of....
"Ooo yummy toy!"

"Oh wait, it was this I had in my mouth?!"
Have you guessed who it is yet??? 

It's TABITHA!! ♥

Isn't she absolutely BEAUTIFUL!?!? But she is still waiting for a family! Where oh where is her mama??

I posted about her here and here. And she hung on our Christmas tree last year.

She looks soo much like my brother Jonathan, maybe that's why I love her so much. We always joke they are twins and were separated at birth. :)
This is Jonathan... a pic that I just took a few minutes ago think they look alike?? 
More pics of Tabitha....

I love my twins!!! ♥♥♥

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  1. She is so sweet and they do look alike :) Miss you friend!


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