Thursday, November 17, 2011

New pictures!!!

I'm so excited to be able to share new pictures of some of "my" kiddos with you!!! :) First up.... a sweet little boy who lives in a horrible institution, desperately needs a family, and just happens to be blind - Dmitriy!
Pictures I have already posted of him...
Thanks Tink for the new photo! :)
And the new (to me!) picture! Sweet baby has waited ohh so long for a family to call his own...
Next up is little princess Rebekah!!! There are TONS of pictures of her - here are the ones I've already posted...

And her new ones!

And last, but not least (she's my favorite if I'm allowed to have favorites!) is beautiful Tabitha!

And the new pictures of her ---

I LOVE watching these little ones grow up, but it breaks my heart they aren't growing up in a family where they belong.... please, is one of them yours???

And oh how I wish I had a new one of Lyla to share with you!!
(Feel free to steal this picture as well to use on your blog!)
There is now a page at the top of this blog for Linking-up for Lilianna/Lyla! And a big THANK YOU to Summer and Sherrie for blogging about her and linking up!!!

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