Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas for Cora Lynne!

Be part of Cora Lynne's Christmas this year!!!

Cora Lynne is a sweet little one still waiting for her forever family!

My friend Leah over at Caring for Celine and Cora Lynne is her warrior and all she wants for Christmas is for Cora Lynne to have a family! And right now though Reece's Rainbow's Angel Tree program, you can donate $35 or more to Cora Lynne or any of the Angel Tree kid's grants and get an ornament in the mail with their picture on it! Just go to this page, and scroll down to find the child you want (like Cora Lynne!) put your mouse over the Donate button by their picture and click Add Ornament to Gift Basket! Your online donation is very secure, but if you prefer you can also send in money for an ornament - info on that page!

Thank you being part of one of these angel's Christmas's this year!

Lyla (Lilianna on RR) is also part of Angel Tree!

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