Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Weekend!

I know I should have gotten this up on Monday, but hey, I should have had my Faithful Friday post up on Friday! :)

I had a lot of fun hunting this past weekend with my dad! I didn't carry a gun, but I enjoy going with dad. I think we decided this was the 5th year I've gone. On Saturday.... we saw a mouse, a lot squirrels and a buck and a doe which layed down on the other side of some really thick brush, so dad didn't get a shot at them. Here are some pictures from Saturday!

(Be warned.... I'm addicted to my macro lens! The water droplets on everything intrigued me! And I was kinda bored.... so I was taking pictures of weird things! :) I did take over a hundred pictures, but don't worry, I'm not gonna post that many!)
Dad in his stand, and the orange cushion thingy was my spot... :)

We were on channel 10 for the 10 pt buck we were supposed to shoot!

See what I mean about taking pictures of weird things?? This is my coat zipper!

This.... would be my snowpants!

On Sunday we moved to a different stand so Dad and I could sit together. After we sat for a couple hours, and drove one of the ridges, we went out for brunch. Then we came back and my dad's collage roommate, whom we hunt with wasn't feeling well and went back home. His daughter, Aspen, came back out to sit with us for an hour. Dad went to sit, and we walked up the hill to get all of out stuff outta of the stand we sat in earlier in the morning and walked down the hill we drove earlier this morning. Apparently it worked when we tried to kick something down to Dad, as we heard a shot! :) We walked down and he had gotten a big doe!! After field dressing it and dragging the heavy thing back to car, we went to register it. Here are some pictures form Sunday! Not as many because my battery went dead! :)

This tree was CRAZY! It's hard to see, but it had branches going in every which direction!

Dad and his doe!

And guess what the only string handy for tagging it was??

My purple/blueish homespun! :) I got quite a kick outta that! :)


  1. Looks like you had fun!! Oh, by the way, I like your coat zipper ;)

  2. You are too funny with all the pics lol


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