Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Faithful Friday - Aliza and Olivia's Family!

Update: Aliza is no longer available for adoption because has been taken by a priest in her country. Please read about that here - http://matthew18vs14.blogspot.com/2011/12/hardest-post-i-have-ever-had-to-write.html Olivia is no longer available for different reasons.

Happy Tuesday everyone! :) Last week's Faithful Friday was delayed due to Deer Hunting all weekend (more about that in the next post!) and I was too tired and was kept to busy yesterday to post.... so today (despite the fact that it's Tuesday, not Friday!) meet my sweet Ovalyn's forever family!
Rick and Michelle, and their 6 beautiful kiddos!
 And they are working to bring home my sweet Ovalyn!!
This picture was taken by a teammate of mine on my mission trip in 2010! :)
They are renaming her Aliza (pronounced uh-lee-zah) which means Joyful One! She truly is joyful and will be even more so when she comes HOME to her family! :)

Not only are they adopting they are adopting another sweet little girl! I don't think I'm allowed to say her RR name yet, but she is known as "Girl no.1" or the "Cookie Crumb girl", and they are renaming her Olivia!!
Isn't she sweet?

They had a bit a issue with another family who also wanted to adopt Aliza... it's an amazing story and it made me cry when I read it. It will take a while to read, but it's soo worth it! You can read it for yourself here.

A little bit about them.... Rick and Michelle were both home schooled (which was practically unheard of at that time!) and were high school sweethearts! They first 7 years of their marriage were full of babies - between several miscarriages and 6 children, including identical twin girls! And they recently celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary! Their boys are 18, 17, and almost 16, and their girls are 14, 14, and 12 years old.

They have many family members with special needs and Rick's mom a classroom assistant for children with physical & cognitive special needs, so she works with individuals with special needs on daily, and is very supportive of their decision decision to adopt.

This sweet family can really use your financial support, as they are adopting from two different regions, and really need to get to both of their girls ASAP before they get transferred out of the baby house. There is a donate button on the side of THEIR BLOG to help them out.

They do have an awesome fundraiser going on until the rest of the month and you can go find that HERE!

Please also go on over and follow their blog and leave them some encouragement! http://nolongeranorphan.blogspot.com/

AND I extented the linkup for Lyla/Lilanna, so please blog and link-up!! The tab at the top will tell you everything you need to know... :) Thanks!


  1. Great post... Great family!

    p.s. Regarding the Lococo's... I knew you'd be jealous but you got to see Lucas and his family - we're even :)

  2. Sarah, I think you would be fine sharing Olivia's RR alias. *We* just weren't going to on our blog since we're intending to do an independent adoption process.


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