Saturday, November 12, 2011

Seeing Stars!

And here is my 3rd and final fundraiser for the day. But though it is my final, it's in no way the least. I saved my favorite for last! But first, meet Francine!

Isn't she stunning?? And just to show you how much she has changed.. here is her old picture!

And guess who is doing the fundraiser for her!!! None other than the amazing Jane!!! The sweet lady who does the Forget Me Not Friday Posts and the Sharing Sunday link-ups! Speaking of her Sharing Sunday link-up, don't forget to go link-up!!!

Jane is doing a Puzzle fundraiser for Francine - and helping her mummy with that is Jane's sweet daughter Poppy!
Poppy and the puzzle that she picked out for Francine!
While Jane was looking for a puzzle do use as a giveaway, her 4 yo daughter Poppy came up and asked what she was doing. Jane explained it to her and she said ‘Mummy we should find a jigsaw of stars!’

Jane asked her why and she said Well Mummy, when I look at Francine’s face, her eyes sparkle. I think she must have stars in her eyes!'

Then she continued - 'Why are we trying to find her a Mummy, why don't you be her Mummy? She would really love it here and I would love another sister. I wouldn't even mind if her leg was a bit twisty. Can we Mummy? Can she come and live with us? It would be so lovely and its not fair she hasn't got a mummy and a daddy!'

Ok, how does that not melt your heart? She gets her gigantic heart from her mummy, that is for sure!!! I love you sweet Poppy! ♥

So you can get your name put on the back of a puzzle piece and getting entered in and awesome giveaway AND help Francine find her forever family for just $10. A bargain on your part if you ask me!! Here are the wonderful prizes up for grabs!

An Ipad2!!!! I know everyone is giving them away, but they are soo popular!

The Diana Mini Camera! The pictures taken with it look awesome!

Some of Jane's original artwork!

This adorable print


DS Awareness balls! The blue is chromosome fabric and the yellow along with the blue is DS awareness colors!

More of Jane's artwork
You can find all the details HERE on Jane's blog


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