Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Waiting Wednesday: Timofey

I'm actually gonna get this post up on the right day! :) WW posts aren't typically the ones I've had problems with, but I'm still proud of myself! :) Meet baby Timofey today!
From March 2011
From June 2011

His smile melts my heart!

From October 2011 - These were taken the same time that "my" girls got new photos. And if you look closely, he is in the same highchair that Rebekah is in in her first photos! Sweet baby isn't very happy in this picture though!

Tummy time! :) 

Timofey 15H

Boy, born December 2010
Hazel eyes
Hair blond
Nature of the mobile

Not sure what "Nature of the mobile" means, but he's a beautiful, squishy baby — doesn't he look like he'd be a good snuggler?!

LOTS of photos available!!

Donations will be accepted for this child when full medical history is received from the agency.

Isn't he just a sweet squishy baby? I love adorable name too! He will be 2 next month and is still so very tiny. It would be amazing if her had a family before he turned two... then he could be home BEFORE he turns three! Wouldn't that be awesome? He is also in the same place as Tabi, BekahLizzy, and Jessa! And who wouldn't want a squishy little baby to cuddle with all the time? Not me!

And in Lyla news... we have three more entries into the Link-up!! Thank you SOOO much Pam, Rosie, and Sherrie!!!! That makes 5 entries, and there are 5 days left to enter?? Can we get to 10 entries? The more people blog about her the better, we need to get the word out to find her family! :) I know that seems like a huge goal, but I do have 30 followers, most of which have blogs. It doesn't have to be a post just about her either, it just has to have her picture and her name and say that she needs a family urgently because of her heart condition. It isn't that hard to link-up once you've posted. There are instructions here or email me if you need more help! :) Thank you!!!

I also have a new collage of her you are welcome to steal for your blog post!

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  1. Awww. We considered sweet Timofey. I pray he gets adopted.


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